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* Location And Status Unknown
Type Class Year Name Type Class Year Name
Annual1947Cockle, George R.Life1967Butt, Robert E.
Annual1954Gable, Theodore R.Life1967De Angelo Jr., Joseph L.
Annual1954Svoboda, Robert J.Life1967Holtham, William D.
Annual1957Dermo, Michael A.Life1967Kobuta, James B.
Annual1958Bongiovanni, Richard A.Life1967Peters, Michael S.
Annual1958Martin, Drape WilsonLife1967Schwartz, Alan A.  *
Annual1959Earl, Lee F.Life1967Winthrop, Richard J.C.
Annual1960Hoffman, DeForest RobertLife1968Bouvier, Jon Paul  
Annual1963Csaszar Jr., William W.Life1968Cadwallader, Stanley P.
Annual1965Lifschultz, Aron S.Life1968Carroll, David L.
Annual1965Richner, Mark E.Life1968Gasis (Raditsa), Theodore  
Annual1969Hoag, Michael G.Life1968MacQueen Sr., Duncan C.
Annual1973Dunlap, James A.Life1968Mellor Lumb, Charles T.
Annual1985Coughlin, Peter J.Life1968Nolen, James H.
Annual1989Pyles, Nathan E.Life1968Roberts, John E.
Annual2000Khodov, Yevgeniy  Life1968Sheehan, Thomas J.
Fighting Fifties1944Keiffer Jr., Lewis R.Life1968Shuster, Scott B.
Fighting Fifties1946Johnson, Robert W.Life1969Cooper, Douglas S.
Fighting Fifties1946Rosenhoover, John R.Life1969Frenz, Roderick C.
Fighting Fifties1946Schroeder, Willis J.Life1969Garrett, Whitney B.
Fighting Fifties1947Carman, Eugene E.Life1969Griffith, William B.
Fighting Fifties1947Fitzgerald, Robert L.Life1969Hairston, Robert C.
Fighting Fifties1947Gardner Jr., William S.Life1969Hairston, Thomas J.
Fighting Fifties1947Oriel, Alfred  Life1969Lally, John P.
Fighting Fifties1947Patti, William J.Life1969Snyder, Gary L.
Fighting Fifties1947Pfeifer, William W.Life1969Swarner, Terry L.
Fighting Fifties1947Stout, Richard P.Life1969Waite, Raymond F.
Fighting Fifties1948Barney, Robert A.Life1969Whitman, Barton W.
Fighting Fifties1948Carter, James R.Life1970Flanders, Philip A.
Fighting Fifties1948Leibowitz, Richard  Life1970Hobby, Steve L.
Fighting Fifties1949Copello Jr., Gustavo J.Life1970Holman, Charles E.
Fighting Fifties1949Guthrie Jr., James E.Life1970Jackson, Stanley K.
Fighting Fifties1949Scribner, Barrie M.Life1970Lockwood, Glenn Joseph
Fighting Fifties1949Van Mols, Brian V.Life1970Marshall, Dale F.
Fighting Fifties1949Vitiello, Frank E.Life1970MAYO, ANDREW C.
Fighting Fifties1949Ziegler, J. ChristopherLife1970Meyer, John W.
Fighting Fifties1950Bier, Charles S.Life1970Selltitz, Mark B.
Fighting Fifties1950Greenberg, Theodore  Life1970Williams, Robert J.
Fighting Fifties1951Lancaster, Dave C.Life1971Ferrol, Ruben Humphrey
Fighting Fifties1951Mortensen, Robert M.Life1971Francis Jr., Richard M.
Fighting Fifties1951O'Brien, Jay C.Life1971Frechette, David A.
Fighting Fifties1951Rodriquez Jr., Joseph E.Life1971Heyda, Todd  
Fighting Fifties1951Tarquinio, Ronald J.Life1971Lindner, Dean E.
Fighting Fifties1952Beasley, Donald E.Life1971Murray, Dennis D.
Fighting Fifties1952Dutcher, Allan M.Life1972Briggs, Joseph R.
Fighting Fifties1952Graves, William S.Life1972Curley, Corvet  
Fighting Fifties1952Hays Jr., John  Life1972Danjoi, Gus A.
Fighting Fifties1952Santos, Carlos A.Life1972Higgins Jr., Robert C.
Fighting Fifties1952Urbach, C. HarryLife1972Murman Chaplain, Trent B.
Fighting Fifties1952Waters, Stephen  Life1972Murphy, James D.
Fighting Fifties1952Webster, Robert  Life1972Salerno, Kim  
Fighting Fifties1953Ayars, Richard E.Life1972Valleau, Richard T.
Fighting Fifties1953Kuhn, Kenneth A.Life1973Flanders, Wayne N.
Fighting Fifties1953Reynolds, Robert  Life1973Heyrich, Robert J.
Fighting Fifties1954Boynton, Peter  Life1973Lutz, James M.
Fighting Fifties1954Jones, Elbert A.Life1973McCoy, David B.
Fighting Fifties1954Madden Jr., Frank B.Life1973Miller, George E.
Fighting Fifties1954Miller, Arthur N.Life1973Newbold, John D.
Fighting Fifties1954Qualtrough, Norman E.Life1973Spoon III, Byron C.  *
Fighting Fifties1954Schultheis, George  Life1973Woolford III, Leslie A.
Fighting Fifties1955Bayonet M.D., Natalio P.Life1974Clark, Edward H.
Fighting Fifties1955Knepper, John B.Life1974Fitzner, Jonathan A.
Fighting Fifties1955Lehrman, Robert F.Life1974Jones, Michael R.
Fighting Fifties1955Reichert, Howard  Life1974Moffitt, Thomas P.
Fighting Fifties1955Van Duzer, Ward E.Life1974Nehring III, Frederic W.
Fighting Fifties1955Weatherlow, David H.Life1974Osgood, Claude J.
Fighting Fifties1956Bugoni, Peter E.Life1974Paden Jr., Robert M.
Fighting Fifties1956Carcella, Ronald H.Life1974Reid III, J. William
Fighting Fifties1956Maroukis Ph.D., Thomas C.Life1974Vaughan, Michael Alan
Fighting Fifties1956McGarvey, Bradley S.Life1974Walker, Bruce L.
Fighting Fifties1956Montanez, Donald C.Life1975Humphreys, Earl H.
Fighting Fifties1956Racho, Antonio T.Life1975Kendrick, Wade L.
Fighting Fifties1956Yantorn, James J.Life1975Lutz, Paul D.
Fighting Fifties1957Bruley, Thomas  Life1975McNaney III, Joseph John
Fighting Fifties1957Gilliland, Donald  Life1975Sabol, Mark S.
Fighting Fifties1957Salter D.C., Francis G.Life1975Toro, Andres A.
Fighting Fifties1957Stewart, James C.Life1975Williams Jr., Leon W.
Fighting Fifties1958Barbiero, Joseph L.Life1976Deeming, Carl W.
Fighting Fifties1958Carpenter, Robert A.Life1976Edrington, Robert B.
Fighting Fifties1958Fisher, Lyle EdwardLife1976Gallagher, John E.W.
Fighting Fifties1958Hottenstein, David F.Life1976Hammond, Richard A.
Fighting Fifties1958Livingood, Clarence A.Life1976Miller, Alexander A.
Fighting Fifties1958Magargel, Frank  Life1976Pritts Jr., R. Kyle
Fighting Fifties1958Niederfringer, Stephen C.Life1976Robichaud, David R.
Fighting Fifties1959Hegenwald Jr., John G.Life1976Testai, Mark A.
Fighting Fifties1959Hodge, Harold C.Life1976Vitucci, Nicholas J.
Fighting Fifties1959Layer, Howard A.Life1977Anderson, Mark J.
Fighting Fifties1959Monroe, James R.Life1977Harris Jr., Richard H.
Fighting Fifties1959Newcomer, Daniel G.Life1977McNeal, Andrew G.
Fighting Fifties1959Niederlehner, Erich W.Life1977Sutton, Curtis W.
Fighting Fifties1959Shedarowich, Peter JLife1977Vegezzi, Glenn S.
Fighting Fifties1959Venig, Charles  Life1978Arteaga III D.V.M., Mario  
Fighting Fifties1960Bertelsen, Henry HermanLife1978Butler, Ralph C.
Fighting Fifties1960Blandi, Jack T.Life1978Cioppa, Armon A.
Fighting Fifties1960Cashel Jr., Francis J.Life1978Franklin, Shawn O.
Fighting Fifties1960Elko, Alexander JohnLife1978Lutz, Timothy W.
Fighting Fifties1960Hand, William AlbertLife1978Maida, David P.
Fighting Fifties1960Kroder, John FrancisLife1978Rimmelin IV, Louis J.
Fighting Fifties1960Larsen, Walter MooreLife1978Rothschild, Thomas J.
Fighting Fifties1960Myers, Robert RayLife1978Werner III, Robert E.
Fighting Fifties1960Rich, Lewis GrahamLife1979Arnoff, W. Samuel
Fighting Fifties1960Schneider, Gerard LeeLife1979Bennett Ph.D., David D.
Fighting Fifties1961Battis, Jeffrey  Life1979Diefendorf, Robert A.
Fighting Fifties1961Beckett, William E.Life1979Glynn, Lawrence C.  *
Fighting Fifties1961Birman, George N.Life1979Humphreys, Kevin D.
Fighting Fifties1961Blankenhorn, Robert  Life1979Reed, Thomas G.  *
Fighting Fifties1961Dinda Jr., John F.Life1979Rimmelin, Paul M.
Fighting Fifties1961Ellis, James K.Life1979Sewell, Timothy P.
Fighting Fifties1961Kobasko, Raymond J.Life1980Boyle, Robert J.
Fighting Fifties1961Leonard, Peter D.F.Life1980Foreman, James P.
Fighting Fifties1961Levy, Michael F.Life1980Gould, Robert O.
Fighting Fifties1961McGahy, Robert J.Life1980Kroner Jr., Robert B.
Fighting Fifties1961Mendez, Reuben  Life1980McCubbin III, Thomas K.
Fighting Fifties1961Moosbrugger, Karl  Life1980Rehill III, John W.
Fighting Fifties1961Myers Jr., Guy W.Life1980Wilkerson, Eric M.
Fighting Fifties1961Pages, Jose A.Life1981Bailey, Patrick D.
Fighting Fifties1961Peacock, William EugeneLife1981Brouillette, Thomas J.
Fighting Fifties1961Phelon, John B.Life1981Duby, Daniel D.
Fighting Fifties1961Reiter, Clark J.Life1981Eichelberger, Clint D.
Fighting Fifties1961Straub, John J.Life1981Griffith, Larry P.  *
Fighting Fifties1961Wyckoff, Pieter  Life1981Kosche, Rafael H.
Fighting Fifties1963Idler, John C.Life1981Lotito, David F.
Fighting Fifties1964Derk, Kenneth R.Life1981Martin, Joseph C.
Fighting Fifties1926Simms, Richard  Life1981Porcella, Enrique  
Fighting Fifties1929Pennington, Charles M.Life1981Tworek, Joseph A.
Fighting Fifties1934Rogers, Henry W.Life1982Carey, Richard K.
Fighting Fifties1936Thomson, George W.Life1982D'Agostino, James D.
Fighting Fifties1938Webber, Frank L.Life1982Duby, John C.
Fighting Fifties1940Dibbell Jr., Frank M.Life1982Fladzinski, Robert  
Fighting Fifties1940Hottel, George WilliamLife1982Hansen, Craig  
Fighting Fifties1940Keene, Edward A.Life1982Sentz, Tod A.
Fighting Fifties1940Platt, Richard O.Life1983Bombino, Peter G.
Fighting Fifties1940Scillitani, Michael A.Life1983Parrell, Thomas M.
Fighting Fifties1940Wright, Jack L.Life1983Schiano, Christopher S.
Fighting Fifties1941Angle Sr., Harry E.Life1983Sewell, Robert A.
Fighting Fifties1942Barse, William A.Life1983Varga, Attila Z.
Fighting Fifties1943Black Jr., George E.Life1984Chesher, William  
Fighting Fifties1943Hansen Jr., John  Life1984Close, Timothy  
Fighting Fifties1943Wells, Steacy R.Life1984Good Jr., Duane G.
Fighting Fifties1944Blair Jr., George C.Life1984Herschberg, Todd F.
Fighting Fifties1944Darrach Jr., Alfred G.Life1984Hyslop, Paul A.
Fighting Fifties1944Dauer, Donald R.Life1984Sandoukas, Andrew C.
Fighting Fifties1944Haggerty, Willet H.Life1985Aubrey, Brian K.
Fighting Fifties1944Stengel, Richard H.Life1985Galioto, Rosario G.
Fighting Fifties1944Volkmer Jr., Paul R.Life1985Long, Kenneth W.
Fighting Fifties1945Antonoff, Sid  Life1985Money, Sean M.
Fighting Fifties1945Gross III, James L.Life1985Tengstrom, John P.
Fighting Fifties1945Keeler II, Robert W.Life1985Tighe, Christopher P.
Fighting Fifties1945Wry, William V.Life1986Altemeier, Herbert C.
Fighting Fifties1946Accardi, Patrick T.Life1986Blum, Mark J.
Fighting Fifties1943White, J. NevinLife1986Dieffenbach, Todd E.
Fighting Fifties1945Jannenga, Roy L.Life1986Hill, J. Michael
HonoraryCLMABassett, Timothy  Life1986Holland, F. John
HonoraryCLMABirtch, Dennis  Life1986Howard, Lee W.
HonoraryCLMAButler, Samuel J.Life1986Kong, Gregory E.
HonoraryCLMAComolli, David M.Life1986Pfister, Gerard  
HonoraryCLMACounterman, Jairee  Life1986Racicot, Richard  
HonoraryCLMADixon, John H.Life1986Yeich, Timothy L.
HonoraryCLMADowd, Daniel  Life1987Baird, Stewart Andrew
HonoraryCLMAEllerman, Lori  Life1987Cribbs, Christopher M.
HonoraryCLMAEstrada, Eric  Life1987Crusey, Philip D.
HonoraryCLMAGrove, Rodney P.Life1987Dotter Jr., Paul R.
HonoraryCLMAKline, Tracy  Life1987Gordon, Greg E.  *
HonoraryCLMAKuhn, Teresa  Life1987Lawbaugh, John J.
HonoraryCLMAMorgan, Mark A.Life1987Machado, Jose Miguel
HonoraryCLMAMorgan, Nichol  Life1987Mateo, Johnny  
HonoraryCLMAPearson, David  Life1987Morris Sr., Matthew S.
HonoraryCLMAPio, Carolyn  Life1987Tengstrom, Norman R.
HonoraryCLMAPray, Mike  Life1987Turner, Stephen P.
HonoraryCLMAReich Jr., Robert  Life1988Blankenship Jr., Charles E.  *
HonoraryCLMAReich, Robert  Life1988Kulis, Antonije  
HonoraryCLMASmallwood, Tim  Life1988Lamb, Stephen T.
HonoraryCLMASommerville, Mark R.Life1988Luster, Kelly C.
HonoraryCLMAStehman, Robert  Life1988Magill, Sean P.
HonoraryCLMAWarner, Jake  Life1988Marrone III, Robert P.
HonoraryCLMAWheeler, Chuck  Life1988Sorbera II, Philip J.
HonoraryCLMAWiles, Joseph  Life1989Chase, Leigh Ann    *
Honorary Barr, Gail  Life1989Grant, Steve D.
Honorary Bulcavage, Richard P.Life1989Jones, Timothy  
Honorary Byrne, Pat  Life1989Milonopoulos, Haritos  
Honorary Clouser Cohen, Joan C.Life1989Oliver, Allen C.
Honorary D'Andrea, Viola  Life1989Oliver, James A.
Honorary Dishman, Marie T.Life1990Beggs, Michael L.
Honorary Horting, Teresa  Life1990Curran, Peter S.
Honorary Klingensmith, Wilma J.Life1990Dobson, Devlin A.
Honorary LaPorte, Joseph & Barbara  Life1990Donnelly, David P.
Honorary MacQueen, Kathryn  Life1990Erwood, Richard Carleton
Honorary Martel, Craig  Life1990Hansen, James B.
Honorary Martel, Ronya  Life1990Kirkpatrick, George G.
Honorary Messner, Steven  Life1990Main, Jason T.
Honorary Robinson, Robert D.Life1990Mbogho, Martin M.  *
Honorary Stevenson, Kiyo Y.Life1990Riger, Gerald D.
Honorary Tejera, Juan I.Life1990Schairer, Douglas J.  *
Honorary Washington, Steve  Life1990Simpson, Jonas B.
Life1938Lambert, Robert S.Life1990Wagner, David A.
Life1938Romano M.D., Francis J.Life1991Garbrick, Thomas H.  *
Life1941Lauer, Jay L.Life1991McAfee, Edgar A.W.
Life1941Patestides, Michael J.D.Life1991Morreo, Felix G.
Life1942McAllister, Melvin S.Life1992Fusina, Joseph J.
Life1942Weaver, Oscar M.  *Life1992Waltz, Slater R.
Life1944Neslage Jr., Oliver J.  *Life1993Espinosa, Mark A.
Life1945Hurd, John G.Life1993Sanutti, Anthony R.
Life1945Palmer, William L.Life1993Sobrado, Joel    *
Life1946Beaucar, Richard E.Life1994Calvez, Jacques E.
Life1946Bell Jr., Thomas E.Life1994McGuire, Ryan M.
Life1946Caulfield, Richard BarryLife1994Miller, Argie David
Life1946Gezelman, Roger B.Life1994Nakanant, Mannmard M.
Life1946Pierce, Sheldon  Life1995Florian, David A.
Life1947Garlock, Robert L.Life1995Knubel, Adam R.  *
Life1947Hansen, Howard  Life1995Rodgers, David  
Life1947Nelson, Ian V.Life1995Stepanian, Jonathan B.
Life1947Rivers, Harold  Life1995Zamora, Diego F.
Life1948Augello, Robert C.Life1996Billett, Darren W.
Life1948Geist, Charles J.Life1996Costello, Lucas  
Life1948Holman, Carson E.R.Life1996Howse, Matthew R.
Life1948Kalvelage, Neil R.Life1996Sampson, Eric G.  *
Life1948Kirk, J. EllwoodLife1996Steiner, Adam M.
Life1948Mangano, Guy J.Life1996Yarberry, Christopher A.
Life1948Ruff Sr., Robert Carle Life1998Schell, Joshua  
Life1948Search, Philip W.Life1999Dewsnup, Charles  
Life1948Webber, Robert S.Life1999LaBoone, Jeremy M.
Life1949Bixler Sc.D., Harris J.Life1999LaDue, Richard II
Life1949Gurke, Reinhold P.Life1999Sulewski, Peter C.  *
Life1949Jeffers, Harvey P.Life1999Wisner, David G.  *
Life1949McCauley Jr., Frank J.Life2000Beck, Herbert F.
Life1949Nowicki, John C.Life2000Cuerdan, Jamie  
Life1949Rogge, Bernard C.Life2003Amponsah, Jeffrey A.
Life1949Schiele, George W.Life2003Burns, Stephen N.R.
Life1949Schumacher, R. EdwardLife2003Rombout, Michael L.
Life1949Scudder, H. MontgomeryLife2004Chew, Grayson E.
Life1950Bruaw Jr., Arthur G.Life2004Difebo, Anthony R.  *
Life1950Haelig Sr., John R.Life2004McCarthy, Bryan D.
Life1950Lens, Eugene ELife2005Buss, Gregory E.
Life1950Mayor, Eugene P.  *Life2005Caines, Sean P.
Life1950Miller, Winton A.Life2005Pryor, John Jason
Life1950Rojas, Edgar L.Life2006Diaz Jr., Arturo Paul
Life1950Tengstrom Jr., John W.Life2007Li, Richard Pu
Life1951Daly, Henry  Life2007Waltz III, Benjamin Franklin
Life1951Levy, Abraham  Life2008Vranicar, Samuel Pierce
Life1951Ramsay, Richard W.Life2010Sigler, Michael A.
Life1951Shupp, Byron K.Life Miller, Mary Kay  
Life1951Wigfield Jr., Ernest G.Recent Graduate2010Akhdar, Abdullah  
Life1952Akers Jr., Clifford M.Recent Graduate2010Belamine, Othman  
Life1952Cook, John D.Recent Graduate2010Branch, Theodore S.
Life1952Diller III, John T.Recent Graduate2010Chan, Jeffery M.
Life1952Kelleher, Dennis J.Recent Graduate2010Chetvertkov, Anton  
Life1952Levy, Sheldon  Recent Graduate2010Clemons III, Oliver W.
Life1952Maloney, Robert F.Recent Graduate2010Davey, Tristan L.
Life1952Neal, Stephen J.Recent Graduate2010Fortuna, Gennady  
Life1952Ritter Jr., Robert B.Recent Graduate2010Garcia-Rincon, Ricardo  
Life1952Runyan, James N.Recent Graduate2010Girgis, Peter K.
Life1952Stuart M.D., Wallace E.Recent Graduate2010Glazer, Max  
Life1953D'Agostino, Dominic A.Recent Graduate2010Kim, Edward BumJun
Life1953Houck, James W.Recent Graduate2010Lahlou, Jalil  
Life1953Kleintop, Donald R.Recent Graduate2010Lattimer, Waddie  
Life1953Ramsay, Larry M.Recent Graduate2010Lee, Joshua Daniel
Life1953Rockwell, Joseph F.Recent Graduate2010Lee, Moses Taehoon
Life1953Rojas, Rodrigo A.Recent Graduate2010Liu, Min  
Life1953Roseboom, Kenneth J.Recent Graduate2010Nitkin, Mykola  
Life1953Russell Jr., Evan  Recent Graduate2010Ohsain, Reda  
Life1953Schroeder, Ronald  Recent Graduate2010Pearce, Tyler R. S.
Life1953Wyar Jr., Walter H.Recent Graduate2010Pfister, Christian M.
Life1954Collins, Robert E.Recent Graduate2010Ragaban, Ahmed Mohammed A.
Life1954Flacker, Paul I.Recent Graduate2010Rottkamp, Joshua  
Life1954Houck, William S.Recent Graduate2010Sagher, Sofyane El
Life1954Howarth, William J.Recent Graduate2010Slesarev, Michael D.
Life1954Lent, Burdett B.Recent Graduate2010Soto, Steven J.
Life1954Lodholz, Warren R.Recent Graduate2010Sterile, Samuel P.
Life1954Martini, Michael I.Recent Graduate2010Yoon, Tae Kyung  
Life1954Rimmelin III, Louis J.Recent Graduate2011Anderson Jr., Bobby James
Life1954Russell, Jerry R.Recent Graduate2011Barone, Michael Andrew
Life1954Sparacino, Joseph P.Recent Graduate2011Barrett, Clint H.  *
Life1955Benca, John P.Recent Graduate2011Bekman, Andrew  
Life1955Currie, Paul E.Recent Graduate2011Bensabeur, Mehdi  
Life1955DeRamus, Ronald B.Recent Graduate2011Bibbo, Christian P.
Life1955Feinstein, Alan M.Recent Graduate2011Castillo-Reyes, Kevin  
Life1955Jeffries, Thomas C.  *Recent Graduate2011Chen, James  
Life1955Kords, John W.Recent Graduate2011Danish, Abdullah Essam
Life1955Minicucci, Anthony L.Recent Graduate2011El Mernissi, Soufiane  
Life1955Plato 55, Charles R.Recent Graduate2011El Mernissi, Youssef    *
Life1956Enos, Arthur R.Recent Graduate2011Fadika, Ibrahim  
Life1956Mack, William L.Recent Graduate2011Faggouss, Zamir  
Life1956Madden, R. WayneRecent Graduate2011Gindin, Breyon    *
Life1956Nesbitt, William I.Recent Graduate2011Ilizarov, Lazar  
Life1956Norris, Lawrence D.Recent Graduate2011Jean-Joseph, Gerald  
Life1956Otto, Neal M.Recent Graduate2011Joy, Thomas K.
Life1956Rivera, Miguel ARecent Graduate2011Kalugin, Daniel  
Life1956Schmitz, Hugo  Recent Graduate2011Kim, Hyung Woo
Life1956Shewchuk, Serge M.Recent Graduate2011Krasnopolsky, Daniel Mr.
Life1956Wyar, Thomas E.Recent Graduate2011Lambert, Franklin    *
Life1957Bercher, Josef W.J.Recent Graduate2011McAlonen, Anthony M.
Life1957Haight, Frank  Recent Graduate2011Monico, Leo Anthony
Life1957Iles, David  Recent Graduate2011Owens, David  
Life1957Montgomery, Norman A.Recent Graduate2011Plotinsky, Boris  
Life1957Ott, Charles T.Recent Graduate2011Ragaban, Abdulaziz Mohammed A
Life1957Pfeiffer, Peter P.Recent Graduate2011Shvartsman, Allen  
Life1957Wood, Spencer E.Recent Graduate2011Sokoloff, Matthew  
Life1957York, Russell  Recent Graduate2011Stankevitch, Ivan  
Life1958Black Jr., Ray E.Recent Graduate2011Yu, Wei-Hsin  
Life1958Corrao, Anthony J.Recent Graduate2012Alyakin, Dimitry  
Life1958Davis, George C.Recent Graduate2012Armah, Jeremy Yee
Life1958Diaz, Hector P.Recent Graduate2012Caliva, Daniel Joseph
Life1958Digiantonio, Frank R.Recent Graduate2012Chung, Chen-Kuo  
Life1958Grancagnolo, Albert D.Recent Graduate2012Dornsife, Zachary Edward
Life1958Morin, William P.Recent Graduate2012Gabbidon, Steven Sean
Life1958Pugh, David J.Recent Graduate2012Goon, Boris  
Life1958Purcell, Michael D.Recent Graduate2012Grossman, Mitchell Leor
Life1958Radivo, Robert A.Recent Graduate2012Guennouni, Mohamed  
Life1958Rivera, Andrew A.Recent Graduate2012Herrington, Dimitry Andreevich
Life1958Rosenbaum, Gerald M.Recent Graduate2012Holt, Ramasses Kapir
Life1958Rothwell, John S.Recent Graduate2012Kim, Jea Min  
Life1959Amond, Carl A.Recent Graduate2012Kirman, Phillip Robert
Life1959Apsokardu, Stelios G.Recent Graduate2012Kisso Mahop, Emmanuel Rodrigue
Life1959Bodach, Robert F.Recent Graduate2012Ko, Chu  
Life1959DiFazio, Frank D.Recent Graduate2012Lehman, Daniel William
Life1959Ferary III, Joseph B.Recent Graduate2012Lu, Jyun-Ting  
Life1959Freed, Edgar A.Recent Graduate2012Madhar, Hamza  
Life1959Golin, Louis A.Recent Graduate2012Markin, Alec Bryan
Life1959Hostetler, Richard  Recent Graduate2012Mesh, Alan  
Life1959Jordan IV, John W.Recent Graduate2012Mourad, Kader    *
Life1959Kohn, Michael M.Recent Graduate2012Nixdorf, Isaac Abraham
Life1959Lueder Jr., Rennold A.Recent Graduate2012Ouzzaouit, Moulay Iliyas
Life1959Scannavino, Dominick  Recent Graduate2012Ouzzaouit, Noumane Moulay
Life1959Vander Maas, James L.Recent Graduate2012Rashwan, Adham    *
Life1960Bush, Harold EhrigRecent Graduate2012Rogers, Tyler James
Life1960Cox, David C.Recent Graduate2012Salzarulo, Philip William
Life1960Girard, Edward CoreRecent Graduate2012Teng, Lixin  
Life1960Hammond III, Thomas WestRecent Graduate2012Toro, Christopher Dario
Life1960Heath, Dale BradleyRecent Graduate2012Winett, Josh Adam
Life1960Lawall, D. Harrison CharlesRecent Graduate2012Yakovenko, George  
Life1960McGill, Danny StewartRecent Graduate2012Yu, Hyeon Seok  
Life1960Rivera Jr., Carlos EfrainRecent Graduate2012Yusofov, Ilya  
Life1960Sanchez, Jose LuisRecent Graduate2013Bamba, Abraham  
Life1960Techera, Titus ZackRecent Graduate2013Clapp, Jason  
Life1960Torres, Peter A.Recent Graduate2013Cronin, Dillon  
Life1960Ungar, Robert JayRecent Graduate2013Ewa, Tawo  
Life1960Weber, Barry ElliotRecent Graduate2013Fallon, Joseph  
Life1960White, Geoffrey GardnerRecent Graduate2013Ferker, David  
Life1961Adams Jr., Bertram E.Recent Graduate2013Feuerstein, Maxwell  
Life1961Daly, Ronald J.Recent Graduate2013Idrissi , Moulay Driss  
Life1961Dunkelberger, Harold R.Recent Graduate2013Kennedy, Arden  
Life1961Kelly, William S.Recent Graduate2013Kong, Marco  
Life1961Lafreeda, James A.Recent Graduate2013Li, Deyu  
Life1961Moore, Robert P.Recent Graduate2013Mathew, Sagar  
Life1961Salmon, James D.Recent Graduate2013Mooney, Parker  
Life1961Schulz II, Lewis E.Recent Graduate2013Nusair, Nusair  
Life1961Sedler, Paul W.Recent Graduate2013Oliver, David  
Life1961Tiska, James M.Recent Graduate2013Pan, Jiazhu  
Life1961Ugarte, Alfonso J.Recent Graduate2013Patterson, Darrel    *
Life1962Beckman, Richard FrankRecent Graduate2013Pollina, Eduard  
Life1962Billheimer, J. EdwinRecent Graduate2013Serebnitski, Mikhael  
Life1962Byrne, Donald H.Recent Graduate2013Shapira, Shmuel  
Life1962Hiendlmayr, Paul D.Recent Graduate2013Wood, Elliot  
Life1962Rishell III, David K.Recent Graduate2013Zheng, Yijiang  
Life1962Rumbaugh Jr., Melvin C.Recent Graduate2014Ayzenberg, Mitchell  
Life1962Smith, David R.Recent Graduate2014Benjiji, Neil  
Life1962Weiss, Barry L.Recent Graduate2014Bennani, Kamil  
Life1962Williamson, H. TorbertRecent Graduate2014Bennani, Othman B.O
Life1963Detulleo, Richard G.Recent Graduate2014Brown, Sydney-Arthur B
Life1963Lakjer, Philip R.Recent Graduate2014Cole, Matthew D
Life1963Lepere Jr., Joseph A.Recent Graduate2014El Marnissi, Mohammed  
Life1963MacMechan, James H.Recent Graduate2014Engelman, Andrew  
Life1963Manek, Clifford W.Recent Graduate2014Fang, Kevin  
Life1963Pintea, George L.Recent Graduate2014Habib, Muhammed A
Life1963Thum, Ellwood (Fred) F.Recent Graduate2014Hammad, Hamza  
Life1963Van Wormer, James G.Recent Graduate2014Johnson, Christopher D
Life1964Benedict, Jonathan S.Recent Graduate2014Kanbouzi, Zakaria  
Life1964Corcoran 1163949, John BernardRecent Graduate2014Kelly, Bryant A
Life1964Genung, Lester T.Recent Graduate2014Maher, Henry P
Life1964Goldfarb M.D., I. WilliamRecent Graduate2014Malikowski, Irek R
Life1964Poet Jr., Allen E.  *Recent Graduate2014McCloskey, James D
Life1964Schob III, Harry W.Recent Graduate2014McGeoghean III, John F
Life1965Cryer, J. DavidRecent Graduate2014Oden Jr., Lawrence O
Life1965Dampier, Ronald  Recent Graduate2014Rivera, Michael S
Life1965Dienemann, Eckart W.Recent Graduate2014Shin, Geon  
Life1965Flora, Charles L.Recent Graduate2014Vigano, David A
Life1965Gaskell, David C.Recent Graduate2014Yang, Xinjue  
Life1965Gillespie Jr., Robert V.Recent Graduate2014Yourth, Leonard J
Life1965Hutchinson, William N.Recent Graduate2014Zeng, Hugo  
Life1965Patterson, Kevin B.Recent Graduate2015Adeleye, Oluwatobi  
Life1965Rabold, Robert E.  *Recent Graduate2015Baek, Edward  
Life1965Taylor, Gary W.Recent Graduate2015Baugh, Stephen  
Life1966Bloom, Carl L.Recent Graduate2015Bink, Jack  
Life1966Cameron, Robert B.Recent Graduate2015Brice, Anfernee  
Life1966Collins, Stephen A.Recent Graduate2015Charles, Bryan  
Life1966De Vivo, Frank W.Recent Graduate2015DeJean, Denzel  
Life1966Farrugia, William J.A.  *Recent Graduate2015El Sagheer, Ali  
Life1966Holman II, Clark L.Recent Graduate2015Lepree, Miller  
Life1966Koskey, Thomas L.Recent Graduate2015Loder, Alexander  
Life1966Morales, Charles W.Recent Graduate2015Montgomery, Aaron  
Life1966Morris, Edward J.Recent Graduate2015Prioa, John  
Life1966Murrell, David W.Recent Graduate2015Sanmiguel, Chase  
Life1966Myers Jr., Robert T.Recent Graduate2015Saquin, Christopher  
Life1966Steinhauer, Albert A.Recent Graduate2015Stack, Connor  
Life1966Stivers Ph.D., Jeffrey C.Recent Graduate2015Watson, Demar  
Life1966Thompson, Kenneth P.Recent Graduate2015White, Hunter Sky
Life1966Williams, Dennis R.Recent Graduate2015Wszolek, Matthew  
Life1967Ashman, Richard C.Recent Graduate2015Yen, Chi-Kai  
Life1967Bingler Jr., William A.