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Fill out the on line form, Print (using the Button here or at bottom of this form) and Mail the form, along with check made out to Carson Long Alumni Association, to
Carson Long Alumni Association Treasurer Steve Collins '66, PO Box 334, Northville, NY 12134-0650
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Membership Application
Any graduate or former student who has honorably completed one year at Carson Long is eligible to join the Carson Long Alumni Association.   Note: There may be a delay for processing some applications from non-grads while we verify their attendance with the school.
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$110 Life Membership
$15 Annual Dues for 2018
$40 For 3 Year Membership From 2018 to 2020

The Gold Star Platoon Memorial Scholarship is a monetary award provided by the Alumni Association each year and is presented in honor and memory of those former cadets who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country or fellow man.
Gold Star Platoon Memorial Scholarship Fund  $
Become a booster, once a year, to help cover association operational expenses such as newsletters, mailings and our web site. We do not charge any annual fees except for annual membership.
Booster $10 Minimum  $