Serving In The United States Armed Forces

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We Salute Those Alumni Who Are Currently Serving In Our Armed Forces
We would like to show our support for all alumni who are currently serving or died while serving our country.
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* Deceased
Class Year Name Class Year Name
1971Frank J. McGarrity Jr.  SFC USAR1999Jeremy M. LaBoone   SPC (P) USA
1978Armon A. Cioppa   COL USA1999Peter C. Sulewski   USA
1984William Chesher   MAJ USA2000Herbert F. Beck   MAJ USA
1986Lee W. Howard   CPT USA2000Charles E. Best   SGT (USA)
1986Masong Tucker   SGT USA2001Daniel Oranski   MME (NUC) USN
1986Timothy L. Yeich   LCDR, USN2003Stephan B. Johnson   SPC USA
1990Michael L. Beggs   1LT USAR2003Michael L. Rombout   SSG USA
1991John M. DeGrasse   WO USMC2003Chih-Hsing Zee   PFC USA
1991Walter Harris   2004Michael S. Alexander   PO2 USN
1992David S. Perkins   SFC ANG2004Grayson E. Chew    CPL (USMC)
1992Slater R. Waltz   SGT USMC2004Daniel R. Cronick   PO3 USCG
1993Joel Sobrado   SFC USA2005Kevin M. Kozlowski   SPC USA
1995Michael W. Clinton   SFC USA2005William C. Stroup   PFC USAR
1996William G. Barton   CPO USN2005Jay S. Thaxter   
1996Michael J. Hendricks   SSG USA2006Arturo Paul Diaz Jr.  CPT USA
1996Luis Javier Martinez   MAJ USA2006Jaison S. Hall   PFC USA
1996Guy Thomas   SGT USANG2006Michael Osborne Mills   PVT USA
1997Abdel Mendez   SFC USA2006Gregg Suriano   PFC USA
1997Keith A. Rodgers   CPT USA2007Jerin Adam Burgan   LCPL USMC
1998Christopher Hromco   PO3 USCG2008Samuel Pierce Vranicar   LCPL USMC
1998Christopher A. Oldani   PO1 USCG2009Alex King Luk   USA
1998Joshua Schell   CPT USA2009Patrick John Sanseverino III  LCPL USMC
1999James C. Bithorn   CPT USAHRobert D. Robinson   LTC USA
1999Michael Evans   SSGT USAF