In Memoriam

David Marc Sullins
Class of 1989

Photo Taken 7 July 2001

EMT Died In Service South Tower 9/11
September 11, 2001

Marc was an EMT with Cabrini Medical Center who was working a double shift when the first plane hit. Without thought for his own safety he raced to the scene.

He pulled several people with various injuries from the South Tower and transported them to the hospital.

He returned a final time to the base of the South Tower and went back in to help more people, despite the growing concern that it may collapse.

Marc did not make it home that day; he never made it out of the South Tower when it collapsed. His partner awoke in a hospital bed wondering what happened, alive - but noticing Marc wasn't with her.

Marc's remains were recovered on March 23rd 2002 in the South Tower rubble.

Marc's name has been placed in the Carson Long Legion of Honor.

9/11 South Tower Memorial Wall

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Lt. Colonel Mark Sommerville, Commandant of Cadets, was in New York City (March 2013) and visited the 9/11 Memorial and found David Marc Sullins name on the South Pool Memorial Wall. He posted on Facebook and said it was quite moving!

E.M.T. David Marc Sullins Place

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In 2013 Jerry Riger '90 says "I went with my Dad to Queens to visit my grandparents at a couple of cemeteries. Afterward, we went a few blocks east on Myrtle Ave to grab a bite. I parked a block from here not really knowing this was here, although I had seen it before on the web and on Google Street View some months back. "

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