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Carson Long Alumni 2014 Challenge Coin


Carson Long Alumni 2012 Challenge Coin

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Carson Long Alumni Challenge Coin Rules

  1. There is no one single challenge coin design for Carson Long alumni. The Alumni Association may issue a standard coin or they may issue a unique souvenir coin. An example would be a coin commemorating a specific Homecoming year or other event. But when a challenge is made or answered, any Carson Long alumni challenge coin is acceptable.
  2. The traditional challenge consists of a coin holder challenging a fellow alumnus or alumni by placing his coin on the bar or table. Everyone in the group is expected to produce his coin or lose the challenge. Any losers are expected to buy a round of drinks for everyone in the challenge. If you initiate a challenge only to find that everyone has their coins as well, then you buy the drinks. Our rules are modified, just a bit, to keep this reasonably inexpensive and still a lot of fun for all alumni.
  3. Your challenge liability is once per day in a single establishment. If you don't have your coin with you, you only pay up one time in that bar or restaurant. Move on to another place, and you are open to another challenge, but not by the same alumnus.
  4. But, if you have your coin and challenge another alumnus who also has his coin, the once-per-day-per-establishment rule does not apply. You pay up as many times as you wish to challenge others only to discover that they have their coins.
  5. To prevent large expenses at Carson Long events like Homecoming, challenges are generally one-on-one. Nobody is expected to purchase drinks for a room full of alumni. However, a smaller group like a graduating class is free to handle challenges differently only among themselves if they so desire.
  6. Challenges do not have to be for drinks although that is the usual and traditional challenge. For example, if you get challenged at an ice cream stand, the "pay up" can be a sundae or ice cream cone. Whatever is mutually agreeable is fine.
  7. Those that do not own a coin are not liable to a challenge. By purchasing a coin, you accept the obligation to answer any future challenges by either producing your coin, or paying up.
  8. If you are presented with a coin as a gift or award, your acceptance of the coin also carries the same obligations as a purchased coin.