Class of 1944

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Class Memories

Submitted By Jim Boyd<    >Five of us enlisted in the Air Force<    >Left to Right - Willett Haggerty, Jim Boyd, William Colby, Charles Atkins and Dave Sawyer
Enlisted in Air Force
Submitted By Jim Boyd<    >My orientation group on the Maples<    >Left to Right - Jack O'Connor, Unknown, Unknown, Jim Boyd, Our Proctor Lt Brown<    >Dave Sawyer, Lew Kieffer, Colin Maginnis and William Skipp
Orientation Group
Submitted By Jim Boyd<    >Jim Boyd, Roy Chandler, Richard Herkstall and Richard Stengel<    >Taken in 1941
In Our Slate Gray's
Submitted By Jim Boyd<    >Where Chapel is Now<    >Dave Sawyer, Jim Boyd, Richard Herkstall, Richard Stengel
Sunday Dress