Carson Long Alumni
What do they look like now?

What do our brother alumni look like now? Ever wonder what happened to your old roommate and what he looks like now? Have you ever been to a reunion and had a hard time finding a classmate because you didn't have a clue what he looks like now?

These pages are being established to provide fellow alumni with the opportunity to see what you look like now.

If you would like to have your picture added to this site just contact Don Byrne at You can either send a digital picture or arrange to send a picture be "snail mail". It will be scanned and added to the library.

If you would like to provide a class picture from your year book I will post it along with your current picture. Take a look at our Treasurer, Steve Collins '66, for an example. If you don't have a class picture and would like to have one posted I might be able to find and scan one from the school library.

Each Class Year now has the ability to include "Memories" photos. Class of '57 has an example. If you would like to share any photos taken during your years at CLI, please feel free to send them also.

Does This Bring Back Memories?