Our Alma Mater
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Fall 2001
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Fall 2001
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  1. 'Mid the hills of Pennsylvania
    Stands the school we love;
    Our devotion is as steadfast
    As the stars above.
Carson Long colors, Red and Blue,
May they float for aye;
We'll remember Alma Mater
Throughout life's long day.
  1. When we leave our Alma Mater
    Life's great work to find;
    Memories of friendships loyal
    Linger in our mind.
Words by Emil Johnson, CLI 1927

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Color Guard 2004
Sword In Stone
Chorus 2005
Our Alma Mater is set to the music of "Annie Listle", originally written in 1857 by H.S. Thompson, a Boston minstrel-musician. "Annie Listle" is a ballad about a virtuous young lady destined for illness and tragedy - a genre related to Edgar Allen Poe's "Annabel Lee" and "Lenore." A newspaper editorial at the time observed that "Annie Listle" and similar songs swept the country like a wildfire. In 1870, this tune was further popularized and perhaps even immortalized when Archibald Croswell Weeks and Wilmont Moses Smith penned the lyrics for the Cornell University Alma Mater (Hail, Hail Cornell). Since then it has become one of the most familiar American college songs of all time.